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This is a spider-man afghan for my youngest nephew for Christmas.  I’m using AnneM’s pattern, but a very different size of yarn.  The only yarn I could find with the right colors, machine washable, and under several hundred dollars for one blanket was Caron Simply Soft Light.  Thankfully, the pattern is super easy and not gauge dependent.  So I’ll end up with more stripes for the same size blanket, but I am kinda happy about that anyway.

If you want to get into some shaping and/or knitting in the round, this is a super easy pattern to up your knitting game.  You can use any colors you want.

I’m planning to add a duplicate stitch spider when it is finished.

The page for this project is:

knitting spider-man afghan blanket caron Christmas Gifts

Progress on my mom’s Christmas present (that was supposed to be her present last year and didn’t get finished…).  I’m about 75% done with this.  I’m hoping to finish it in the next few weeks.

It is knit in Rowan Pure Wool 4ply and I’m using Sarah Hatton’s Lace Scarf pattern that was a Rowan International gift several years ago.  I love the Rowan Subscriber’s gifts.

The page for this project is:

knitting scarf infinity scarf lace knitting Rowan Christmas Gifts

I knit this guy for my sister-in-law.  She loves frogs.  It only took me three Christmas knitting sessions to finish it. :-)  Mostly, it was just kinda boring to knit, so I put it off and then didn’t finish it.  I made it from a kit at Morehouse Farms.  I do love their critter knits. Also, their merino is super soft and they have such lovely colors.

The page for this project is:

knitting scarf frog Christmas Gifts Morehouse Farms critter knit

My baby brother actually used his gaitor, and posted a picture on facebook for me!

knitting Christmas Gifts My Creations

I made a second set of the Lima Fingerless Gloves I designed.  This pair went to my brother’s girlfriend for Christmas.  I jotted down the pattern this time.  I’m going to type it up and test it again in a while before I post it to Ravelry.

The page for this project can be found at:

knitting rowan fingerless gloves Christmas Gifts my designs My Creations

I knit this on the plane ride home after Christmas.  I was completely wiped out and just needed something simple.  I made it up as I went.  I put it in the box of Christmas stuff I sent to by brother and his girlfriend.

Here is the page for this project:

knitting wascloth dishcloth Christmas Gifts christmas tree

THE AWESOME animal hat I knitted for my brother for Christmas.  My husband commented on it when it was done (he almost never does that) and my brother called me immediately after opening it.  It is obviously a big hit.  :-D  I used Aade yarn and charts from Alice Starmore’s Charts for Color Knitting book.

I have a feeling I’ll be making more hats like this.  The next one will have to be for my husband.  I may even have him pick out the charts.

The page for this project can be found at:

knitting stranded knitting hat color work My Creations Christmas Gifts

Giant Grab Bag of AWESOME!!  My husband’s family has a hand-made white rabbit exchange.  This was my gift.  I designed the bag myself and after a few alterations to the pattern, I’m going to knit another one and then write up the pattern.  I also included three knitted washcloths/dishcloths, two bags of home-made dog treats (I’m planning to post some of those recipes in the near future), and two bags of home-made granola.

The page for this project can be found at:

knitting design my designs bag washcloths dishcloths dog treats granola Christmas Gifts

I made these for my dad.  They are flip-top mittens out of Lamb’s Pride Bulky (I love Lamb’s Pride Bulky).  I don’t entirely like they way they turned out.  I’m thinking I may use what I learned making these and write my own pattern.

The page for this project can be found at:

knitting flip-top mittens flip-top gloves Christmas Gifts

I really like the Age of Brass and Steam kerchief/shawl pattern.  I’ve made a  bunch of them in all different yarns.  This one I gave to my mom for Christmas.

The page for this project can be found at:

knitting shawl kerchief Christmas Gifts Age of Brass and Steam

I made one of these for my sister-in-law for Christmas and there is enough yarn left over for me to make another one to donate.  I bought a kit (with some of the proceeds going to breast cancer research) at an LYS while I was visiting my parents this spring.  It is a do-rag in some very nice yarn.

The page for this project is:

knitting do-rag Christmas Gifts

I made two cowls/gaitors as Christmas gifts this year.  One for a friend of my in-laws and one for my baby brother.  Each is made from one skein of Lamb’s Pride Bulky. 

The project page for this item can be found at:  I have included details about my “pattern.”

knitting cowl gaitor Christmas Gifts

Santa (my amazing husband) got me this for Christmas.  It is an elephant stamped leather journal with hand-pressed and hand-cut paper.  He had it shipped from India.  He managed not to give it to me until Christmas.  He wasn’t supposed to get me anything because he already got me football tickets.

This journal is extremely exciting.  After a few days of thinking it over, this has become my exclusive story idea journal. 

I always have a story bouncing around in my head.  I’ve become disciplined enough to start writing down an outline, but I’ve never actually written one out.  I usually just write them in my regular journal.  Lately though, I’ve been thinking if I ever do manage to finish something and get published and become a famous author, I am not sure I want people going back through my personal journals, even after I’m dead. ;-) 

I’ve got two new story lines going in this journal in two new universes that have been bouncing around in my head lately.

I feel like it is one more step towards actually finishing a story in print for people other than myself to enjoy.

journal Christmas Gifts writing stories Awesome Things inspiration

This is a cowl/snood/hood thingy I made for my mom.  It is in feather and fan stitch (one of my go-to stitch patterns because my fingers have it memorized).  However, at some point 2/3 of the way through, my yarn over and k2tog sections got reversed…  She doesn’t know though, so it is all good. ;-)  It is made with an alpaca lace yarn I got at my “L”YS.

knitting Christmas Gifts My Creations

This is the hat I made for my dad.  I used Lamb’s Pride Bulky, so it knitted up super quick.  I also used this pattern.  I added a K1, P1 rib for the first inch or so.

knitting Christmas Gifts pattern ear flap hat My Creations
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