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Stuff to Do in 2012 #25: Enjoy What I Do

I may not enjoy every aspect of everything I do craft wise in 2012 (like organizing and cleaning), but I want to enjoy most of what I do.

I want to do less things because I feel like I have to or because people expect them. 

I want to do more things that challenge me, because they bring me joy, and because I want to do them.

I want to have fun doing what I do for fun and see where that takes me.

I want to spend more time on the fun things in life, like crafting, and less time on things I really shouldn’t be doing anyway.

2012 craft goals joy

The LilyPad Has Arrived!

So, Stuff to Do in 2012 #2 was a post about the LilyPad.

I ordered it (in a kit, with some other kits and things).

It has arrived!  It actually got here the same day we did (we were visiting my folks).  I bought it with my Christmas money from my mom and dad.

I am excited.

I am slightly overwhelmed by all of the possibilities.  What will my first project(s) be?

LilyPad 2012 Craft goals knitting nerdy craft

Stuff to Do in 2012 #24: Expand My Baking Horizons

Right now I mostly bake bread.  I do some pies, some cookies, a cobbler or two, but mostly bread.

I used to love making pastries of all kinds.  I want to get back into that.

I want to make a decent gluten free sandwich bread.

I want to incorporate family recipes into my baking more.

I want to try things I haven’t thought of yet.

I want to make lots of things with apples.

I want to try some things with oranges.

I want to use huckleberries when I have them to use.

2012 craft goals baking

Stuff to Do in 2012 #23: Kitchen Sets

I have ideas in my mind for a kitchen set to be knit.

This includes washcloths, hand towels, dish towels, pot holders, scrubbies, etc.

I have yet to finish making a set.  I would like to finish at least three:  One for me, one for a friend, one for my brother.

I would also like to write-up a pattern set.

I might eventually like to make them or parts of them to sell.

2012 craft goals knitting kitchen etsy store

Stuff to Do in 2012 #22: Organize Cooking/Baking Stuff

Last organizing one, I promise!

About half of my crafting/artsy time is spent in the kitchen.  Either baking bread, or making personal care products, or cooking, or cleaning and dying yarn, etc.

Also, my kitchen space is not well utilized. 

So, I would like to reorganize the cupboards and drawers and counter-top spaces.

2012 craft goals organization baking cooking

Stuff to Do in 2012 #21: Knit/Shop my Stash

I have a large stash.  I have no problem having a large stash.  The colors, the fibers, looking through them, touching them, imagining what they are going to be one day, these are all important parts of my creative process.

However, I feel like I am at the point where good yarn is screaming to be made into something and I can’t hear it because it is muffled by the yarn on top of it.  I’ll go looking for yarn for a project and come across amazing yarn I forgot that I had.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I get a little sad that the yarn was forgotten.

So, hopefully #19 in this list will help me get a handle on what I have and #20 will help me pair what I have with things I want to make.

2012 craft goals knitting stash

Stuff to Do in 2012 #20: Organize Patterns and Tools

I’m actually pretty well organized with my tools.  Too many moments of “where is a tape measure, I just bought five last week?” have occurred in my crafting life.  After the knitting frenzy this time of year, everything gets a little disorganized.

Patterns however… 

There are epatters, which are a huge mess.  It doesn’t help that I download new ones every other day.  I also have at least three different computers that I use regularly.  So, I need to work on those

There are paper patterns (often from epatterns) that have now exceeded my five inch archive binder.  The ones in the binder are pretty well organized (in page protectors and all), but the ones that aren’t, aren’t.

Then there are the books.  I am almost as addicted to craft books as I am to yarn and fiber.  In general, in our house, we have WAY more books than shelves to put them on.

I would love if I could just walk into the craft room and know where everything is.  This will most likely never happen (at least, not while I’m working full time), but I can make it better.

2012 craft goals Organization

Stuff to Do in 2012 #19: Re-organize the Stash

I’ve become much better at this, but I still need to work on my system.  I also need to make sure I use it EVERY DAMN TIME I put stuff away…

stash 2012 craft goals organization

Stuff to Do in 2012 #18: Charity Knitting

I keep starting and getting side-tracked by knitting for people in my life.  While this very often accomplishes the same thing (comforting someone, letting someone know you care enough to make something just for them, etc.), I feel a need to knit for someone I don’t know and will probably never meet.  They could be half a world away or live next door. 

I want someone who feels like they don’t have anything or anyone to know someone out there is sending them love and cared enough to spend time on them.

knitting 2012 craft goals charity

Stuff to Do in 2012 #17: Set Up an Etsy Shop?

I’ve been thinking about this on and off for a while. 

If I can get some of my designs down.  Then get to the point where I can knit them without thinking or looking.  I might be able to mass produce enough stuff to make it worth while.

I’ve also noticed people on Etsy with fluctuating inventory levels, which makes me feel like it is a little bit more do-able.

I will definitely be feeling this out this up-coming year.

knitting selling hand-made 2012 craft goals

Stuff to Do in 2012 #16: Color

I ADORE color.

I have done some self-taught color theory.

This year I want to continue learning about color theory.

This year I want to play with color and see what happens.

This year I want more color in my life and my crafting.

color 2012 craft goals

Stuff to Do in 2012 #15: Get a Cotton Crop All the Way to Harvest

Cotton is supposed to grow really well in New Mexico.  However, I’ve yet to get a crop all the way to fall.  We seem to be getting “50 year weather” every year.  Tornadoes, hail storms, etc.  This year, my garden did really well.  My cotton didn’t even come up.  :-(

So, I will plant early.  I will monitor often.  I will hope that we don’t have freaky weather.

cotton gardening 2012 craft goals

Stuff to Do in 2012 #14: More Stranded Knitting

I love to knit stranded.  I use both hands to hold the yarn, so it is very balanced.  There is a rhythm.  I love it.

knitting stranded knitting 2012 craft goals

Stuff to Do in 2012 #13: Design More

I have several design ideas that I just never seem to have time to work on. 

I have an apparently unique scarf idea that I need to chart, swatch like crazy (these will turn into dishcloths), and then knit seven or eight of.

I have some kitchen ideas, and some other half formed ideas that need to get on paper and then on needles.

(I like that this ended up as #13.  13 is my favorite number.)

2012 craft goals design

Stuff to Do in 2012 #12: Finish some old projects

I have some great and creative projects lying around half finished.  I want to finish them.  I also have some not great projects that need to be frogged and the yarn put to better use.

2012 craft goals UFOs
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