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Yay!  Rakestraw spinning!

What you see here is my road-trip spinning.  When we are road tripping, I mostly knit, but I love having fiber with me, even if I don’t spin very much.  Since we aren’t really road-tripping this year, I dug this out and decided to work on spinning it up anyway. 

Rakestraw spinners may be a tiny bit noisy, but they make up for that my letting you spin anywhere, anytime, in any position.  I love that I can recline in my chair to spin.

The fiber is a beautiful Corriedale top.

The page for this project is:

spinning road trip spinning corriedale yarn fiber rakestraw spinner

This is one of my favorite spindles.  It has shell casings in the whorl.  It is also one of my heavier spindles. 

This roving is one of my early experiments in Kool-Aid dying.  It is shades of blue and purple.  I used the sun-tea method of dying this.  I’m now finally getting around to spinning it up.  It is sport/worsted weight-ish.

It did get slightly felted in the dying process, so it is a bit of a pain to spin.

The page for this project is:

spinning bullet spindle drop spindle Kool-Aid dying My Creations WIP yarn fiber



She is amazing.  She is my favorite.  (Sorry everyone else, but sending me fiber is like giving someone who likes taking recreational drugs free drugs.  (My similes and metaphors need work.  I’m too happy to bother.)



Scitchet, I love you forever! <3 <3 <3

I want to roll around in pretty yarn now.


I wish I had taken a picture of everything I jammed into that box.  But I basically just had a big pile and put the stuff you needed at the bottom and then just shoved stuff in until I couldn’t fit any more.  :-D

Also, I’ve been updating the tracking every 15 minutes this morning.  ‘Cuz I’m pretty sure that my role in life is to be a fiber enabler and I wanted to enable the shit out of you.  And it needed to GET THERE!

Uh, so, good luck with that mess of yarn everywhere that I just added to. ;-)

Via It's A Very Distinctive Purple
jabberwockypie yarn spinning fiber enabler fiber enabler I think fiber enabler is my new superhero name



This post is specifically for jabberwockypie, but everyone can join in the fun.

Also, you must solemnly pledge to not spend all of your monies on spindles in one sitting, whoever you are.

This is my dragon spindle.  I am currently attempting to spin cobweb lace yarn on it, supported, with the bowl you see there.

I got this spindle on etsy at:  Gloria Patre Spin N Knit

They don’t seems to have any spindles listed at the moment, but they have plenty of other awesome stuff.

Other shops I love with beautiful spindles:

The Knit Store

7 Yaks Design

Peg’s Procrastinations makes great spindle/fiber bags.

The Dancing Goats

Buckeye Spindles


Silly Salmon Designs

Frozen Tundra Fiber Arts

Katherine Kowalski

Tangled Dragon Studio makes spinning bowls, dear Odin do they make spinning bowls

Heavenly Handspinning

Spindle and Fleece

Two Uncool Chicks

Remember, you promised to not spend all of your monies in one sitting…

I’m going to add a few of my faves…

Spinatude - Resin spindles (If you’ve seen my TARDIS spindle this is where I got it.)

Trindleman - Honestly some of the coolest spindles I’ve ever seen!

Threads Thru Time - The most beautiful turkish spindles.  You have to catch them when they update.  They sell out fast and don’t do preorders or reservations.

Viking Santa - One day I WILL own one of their spindles. 

Ooooh, Viking Santa is good.  That is where I got my smiley face spindle.  It is one of their leather whorl ones.  I love to travel with that one, and it is usually my at-work spindle.

Spinatude is new, but the rest I’ve got saved somewhere in Etsy.  I now have Spinatude saved as well.

All this spindle talk makes me want to buy more spindles…

Via Geek Girl Fibers

spindles hand spinning yarn fiber drop spindle etsy

This is an alpaca fleece that I have finally finished washing.  I don’t really have a container for the whole thing, so I’ve been washing handfuls in plastic tubs.  I do two tubs on top of the washing machine while it is running a load of laundry.  That adds a little agitation, but not too much.  Then I dry it in lingerie bags on the clothes line.  After that I’ve been spreading it out on the spare bed to make sure it is dry.

I have a second alpaca fleece that is darker.  I’m going to wash it and then blend the two before spinning it.

fiber alpaca fleece spinning yarn

Speaking of cotton.  Here is last year’s haul from the front patch.  It is the only place on our property that gets enough sun.  Cotton is one of those rare non-indigenous plants that actually thrive on the heat and UV here.

This is actually a decent amount of cotton, it is just shoved in a tiny jar.  One of my summer projects will be to harvest the seeds, spin this up, and make something out of it. 

There is white cotton, brown cotton, and a couple tiny green cottons.  The green didn’t do as well as the other two.  Also, I had less seeds of the green.

cotton gardening spinning fiber desert New Mexico yarn


#nowreading Respect the #Spindle #dropspindle #handspun #spinning

I LOVED this book.  I think it may be time to read it again, along with the Mason Dixon books.  They get me so fiber motivated.  I also have the DVD, but I’ve never watched it.

Book Recommendations fiber spinning handspun drop spindle

My fiber friend Becky sent me these beauties. The yarn wants to be a shawl/shawlette. I already know what pattern I want to design for it.

I don’t know about the fiber yet. I have a few other spinning projects to do before I get to this.

I have two balls of vacation yarn that I need to send her.

yarn fiber friends are awesome

Thursday (4/3) was a day of boxes!  I got two from my mom and one from my fiber friend Becky who lives in Colorado!  All contained awesome things that you will be hearing about.  This is a sneak-peak.

Skeeter was very interested in what I was doing.

boxes kniting yarn fiber bags tea


Blueberry Parfait

  • 4.0 oz
  • 100% Polwarth wool

I’ve made fibercrack her own tag because I’m just gonna keep reblogging her stuff.  It makes me so happy.

Via Fibercrack

fibercrack color fiber dying

This little cotton plant is alive!  I have had such bad luck with cotton plants.  Every year I’ve tried to plant them, we have had seriously strange weather.  Maybe this year this guy will survive.

gardening fiber cotton

Hand dyed roving by me!  I’m fairly sure this is merino.  I used a spray bottle of grape Kool-Aid and a spray bottle of strawberry Kool-Aid and made stripes.

I put out some plastic wrap on the counter, sprayed my stripes, then loosely wrapped it up and put it in a glass jar that I put in a slow-cooker with water in it.  I let it steam for a day while I went to work.  Then I came home and hung it up to dry.

I can’t wait to spin this up, but I’m in the middle of two other spinning projects and I apparently don’t have enough bobbins for three different projects when two of them involve plying. 

dying fiber yarn Kool-aid spinning

Phat Fiber box part 3!

Seriously, this box is loaded.

fiber yarn knit crochet spinning Awesome Things Phat Fiber

Phat Fiber box part 2!

fiber yarn knitting crochet Awesome Things Phat Fiber

This is my first Phat Fiber box (part 1)!!!!!!!  If you haven’t experienced a Phat Fiber box, it is a wonderful surprise of samples from all kinds of awesome fiber sources.

You should check them out. 

fiber spinning knitting yarn Phat Fiber Awesome Things
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