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My fiber friend Becky sent me these beauties. The yarn wants to be a shawl/shawlette. I already know what pattern I want to design for it.

I don’t know about the fiber yet. I have a few other spinning projects to do before I get to this.

I have two balls of vacation yarn that I need to send her.

yarn fiber friends are awesome

Thursday (4/3) was a day of boxes!  I got two from my mom and one from my fiber friend Becky who lives in Colorado!  All contained awesome things that you will be hearing about.  This is a sneak-peak.

Skeeter was very interested in what I was doing.

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Blueberry Parfait

  • 4.0 oz
  • 100% Polwarth wool

I’ve made fibercrack her own tag because I’m just gonna keep reblogging her stuff.  It makes me so happy.

Via Fibercrack

fibercrack color fiber dying

This little cotton plant is alive!  I have had such bad luck with cotton plants.  Every year I’ve tried to plant them, we have had seriously strange weather.  Maybe this year this guy will survive.

gardening fiber cotton

Hand dyed roving by me!  I’m fairly sure this is merino.  I used a spray bottle of grape Kool-Aid and a spray bottle of strawberry Kool-Aid and made stripes.

I put out some plastic wrap on the counter, sprayed my stripes, then loosely wrapped it up and put it in a glass jar that I put in a slow-cooker with water in it.  I let it steam for a day while I went to work.  Then I came home and hung it up to dry.

I can’t wait to spin this up, but I’m in the middle of two other spinning projects and I apparently don’t have enough bobbins for three different projects when two of them involve plying. 

dying fiber yarn Kool-aid spinning

Phat Fiber box part 3!

Seriously, this box is loaded.

fiber yarn knit crochet spinning Awesome Things Phat Fiber

Phat Fiber box part 2!

fiber yarn knitting crochet Awesome Things Phat Fiber

This is my first Phat Fiber box (part 1)!!!!!!!  If you haven’t experienced a Phat Fiber box, it is a wonderful surprise of samples from all kinds of awesome fiber sources.

You should check them out. 

fiber spinning knitting yarn Phat Fiber Awesome Things

Dark Clouds in Aquila is the astronomy picture of the day for June 29th.  This is the perfect inspiration for a beautiful fiber project.

fiber yarn inspiration apod


Spinning slightly felted fiber full of VM. ;(
What are your spinning challenges lately?

My major challenge is trying not to buy every pretty bit of fiber I see…

spinning dying fiber yarn

Fiber Prep

So, I need to get this video/DVD, a set of real combs (not the dog combs I’ve been using), and like two months off to just play with fiber.

spinning fiber yarn wishes

This is some Corriedale.  I spun the blue/gray early last fall and did a sun-tea kool-aid dye on it.  It is actually the blue left over after dying a purple I used a while ago.  The yellow was spun a couple weeks ago and also sun-tea kool-aid died.  Then I plied the suckers.  I don’t ply very often, but I was in the mood.

This was spun on my Lendrum Original.

spinning yarn fiber My Creations dying kool-aid handspun

Spinning!  This is my experiments with mohair.  In this fairly small skein, I used raw mohair and tried different ways of opening it (combing and carding), and different ways of drafting, and different ways of thinking about the fiber.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with this experiment, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

This was spun on my Lendrum Original.

fiber mohair spinning yarn My Creations handspun

I REALLY hope that this kickstarter gets funded.  Only 5 hours to go.  If you are into fiber and/or art, check it out!

fiber yarn art kickstarter color zodiac
Kickstarter - Written In The Stars: A Collection of Visual and Fiber Art

I really like this project.  I hope it gets funded.  Go check it out!

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