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(Pattern available on Ravelry)

The colors, the pattern, this is just so lovely.  And it looks so soft too.

Via Flint & Pyrite

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My mother-in-law made me a knitting bag!  It is sooooo very cute.  I am loving the colors, and the room, and the POCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I need to take knitting somewhere.  Maybe this could be the tree house knitting bag.

Also, I might have a knitting bag problem…

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I know I’ve mentioned how much I HATE center-pull balls before.  This might be the worst one yet.  Every time I pull yarn out I just get a wad of knotted yarn.  This stuff is not easy to un-knot either.

I really don’t want to go from the outside for these because they are so big, but I think I’m gonna have to.

I am actually putting this one aside for a little bit.  I just cleaned up my active projects area and I have too much Christmas knitting to do.  I’m not really 100% sure what this is going to be yet.  I’m thinking poncho, but maybe not.

knitting yarn center-pull balls OH DEAR HORUS I HATE THEM!
I don’t know how I missed this (it is already week 6), but get in on this awesomeness!

I don’t know how I missed this (it is already week 6), but get in on this awesomeness!

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So, this is my brick for #KnitABrick for the Secular Coalition for America.  Click the picture for their webpage or visit their facebook event.

It only took me about half an hour to knit this and weave in the ends.  They have extended the length of the campaign, I don’t know if I’m going to knit more or not.  I have a lot of Christmas presents that need to get done…

Mooch is modeling because she didn’t want to get up.

knitabrick knitting secular coalition for america

Yay!  I finished it!  I actually finished it two Fridays ago.  I soaked it Friday night and put it on blocking wires Saturday.  Sunday, after it was dry, I steamed the begiebies out of it.

This is the second one of these I’ve made and it really isn’t rectangularly shaped when it is done.  You knit from one corner to the opposite corner (in this case from one purple corner to the other) and then block the hell out of it to make it a rectangle.  I keep forgetting to take a finished, pre-blocked picture.  It still isn’t completely a rectangle, but it is much closer.

I need to take a picture of me wearing it, but it is currently summer in New Mexico and this is 100% wool.

The page for this project is:

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These mittens on eBay are awesome!  They came up in one of my automatic searches because they are made with Kauni wool (I LOVE Kauni).  Click through the picture for the listing.  There is also a link to the ravelry pattern if you want to make them yourself.

These mittens on eBay are awesome!  They came up in one of my automatic searches because they are made with Kauni wool (I LOVE Kauni).  Click through the picture for the listing.  There is also a link to the ravelry pattern if you want to make them yourself.

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stash buster

I would love to do knitted bags of all types and varieties, but I know as soon as I got to the add fabric and zipper part, I would set it aside and never finish.  I really need a sewing friend who wants knitted stuff (or embroidery, I like embroidery) but doesn’t like knitting very much, and we could just swap stuff like once a month and put in orders with each other.

This is a super awesome bag though.  It gives me ideas about journal covers and book covers.

Via Geek Girl Fibers

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Toe Up Socks

jabberwockypie seems to prompt a lot of my posts at the moment.  :-D 

She was asking about a pattern for toe-up socks and I thought, Andersson Heel!  ‘Cuz seriously, it is the only way I knit them now.  The great part of the Andersson Heel for me is that it is a recipe, not a pattern.  You can put in any stitch pattern you want, use any yarn you want, any gauge you want, and still make awesome socks.  I have a pair of socks I’m knitting this way right now that are a two-color stranded rib.

If math and/or making stuff up as you go aren’t in your comfort zone, I suggest that you start hereYarmando does a great job of charting everything out and puts in a TON of description that the Knitman doesn’t include in his instructions.  He also has sock patterns for sale and other cool stuff on his webpage.

There are two versions of the Knitman’s Andersson Heel:  The original and the reloaded version.  Hopefully, between Yarmando’s version and the Knitman’s versions, something will make sense to you.  Everyone has different ways of processing information and they are VERY different.

If anyone runs into trouble, I knit socks like this all of the time and I am trained in differentiated instruction and multiple learning modes, so hopefully I can help you figure it out, just send me a message.

knitting socks knitted socks toe up socks sock pattern knitting pattern Andersson Heel jabberwockypie

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Cotton Yarn


In our yarn escapades we have come across two skeins of finger weight cotton yarn.

Does anyone have experience with cotton? Items they prefer to use them with?

I suppose I will put on my ‘creative uses’ hat and find something to do with them.
Ideas are appreciated!

I make a lot of things that I want to be able to throw into the washing machine with cotton yarn.  So, kitchen stuff, like dishcloths, towels, dish scrubbies, etc.  Also rugs.  Cotton is awesome for bathmats.  I also make bags with it.  Oh, dog sweaters.

Remember that it has no give.  It can be really unforgiving if you are making something that needs a very specific gauge.

Via KayDea Crafts
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My first ever actual use of a life line in knitting.

This is a Kauni Feather and Fan Stole.  It is the second one I’ve knit.  The challenge with this type of project is that you basically knit until you run out of yarn (or at least, that is what I do).  The problem is you’ve got decreases at the end, so you have to make a decision about when to start those before you run out of yarn..  And so, I got to a point where I wasn’t sure if I had enough yarn left to do one more repeat of the main 40 row chart, or if I needed to start in on the decrease chart.  In a wild fit of “thinking ahead” while crafting, I thought, I would put in a life line in case I had to rip back.

As you can see, I’ve run out of yarn, so ripping back it is!  The life line made this super easy. I got one repeat of the main chart and 1.25 repeats (out of three) of the decrease chart. 

I was hoping to have this done and blocked for our road trip this weekend.  Instead, I’ll be finishing it on the road trip this weekend.  Oh well.  I can not tell you how excited I am that my rainbow shawl is almost done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The page for this project is:

knitting shawl stole Kauni Feather and Fan Kauni Aade COLOR!!!!!! rainbow life line


Gandalf yarn bowl with hook holder. Unfired.
This bowl is to be glazed and is for sale.
£100GBP ($170USD) +shipping.
Enquiries to

This is going to be soooo awesome when it is finished!

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Gandalf yarn bowl.
Available today at
£100GBP +P&P ($170+shipping)

This is sooooo awesome!  I LOVE the crochet hook as the wand.

Via Earth Wool Fire

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Figuring out my priorities

Since last Monday (6/16) I have knit, spun, and written every day (except Sunday, I only knit on Sunday ‘cuz I had a football hangover and writing and spinning take too much brain power). 

It makes me way happy that I have managed to fit in the things that are important to me.  Some days it was only five minutes on one or the other of them.  It is something I really don’t want to stop, now that I’ve started.

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